Adult Faith

If you are looking for books to read that will enhance your faith or give you some answers to your questions, please check out our library.   You will find books about prayer and the power of prayer, books by saints and about saints, books by recent popes (some of whom are also saints), books about church history, books that give Bible Commentary that may help you delve deeper into the scriptures, different Bibles that may give you a little different perspective on some of your favorite passages and many others.   If you peruse the selection, you’ll find something of interest.  There are also movies for adults and children, that can be checked out.  Donations from the book sale in the hallway are added to the Faith Formation resources to be used for children’s needs or adult bible study needs.

Please check out the library area.

Whole Community Catechesis open to all parishioners  Please join us for an inter-generational, fun session four times during the year.   Please see the link above for dates of Whole Community Catechesis.