Latest Bulletin


We’re in a jubilee year celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Sacred Heart revelations to St. Margaret Mary. In the 9th promise of that message Our Lord asked that we consecrate our homes and families to His Most Sacred Heart. He has promised to bless the homes and families that place the image of His Sacred Heart in a place of honor. During our annual Feast Day celebration, June 7, 2024, we are offering the opportunity to consecrate your home and family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As part of this ceremony parishioners will be provided all materials, including an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, salt for blessing your home, a ceremony book and a family consecration prayer card. The Men of the Sacred Hearts Organization (a fellowship of Catholic individuals dedicated to bringing the Grace and Protection promised by Jesus to St Margaret Mary, to the homes of people across the U.S.A.) offer this service as a free will donation, but registration is needed to provide ceremony materials for each family.