Funeral Hospitality

Visitation – Community Room

Volunteers offer beverages and light refreshments for family and friends in the Community Room during hours of visitation for the deceased. The late Sue Thomas was the person responsible for this ministry. She saw a need in making mourners feel welcome here at Sacred Heart. The volunteers offer the family and friends a chance to relax and refresh during this often difficult time. We offer coffee and other beverages along with cookies and a cheese and cracker platter. This time is usually concluded by the Vigil for the Deceased. Mary Ellen Sarasin and Ruth Ann Belfi have kept this ministry going. If you would like to help in this ministry call the office at (231) 264-8087 and we will put you in touch with Mary Ellen.

Luncheon Service

A funeral luncheon is available following the funeral liturgy to all who wish to avail themselves of this service. A donation is requested to cover the meats. The side dishes are prepared by the people of the heart. Like the refreshments provided during the visitation this is an important ministry. It is important to offer the family and friends a time to gather and continue to share in the memories and life of their loved one.

At the funeral planning, the families are asked for an estimated number of expected guests. A kitchen overseer is contacted and callers are alerted. Volunteers are called for food donations. Callers have lists of workers to call who prepare and serve and other volunteers who clean up. This is an amazing work of cooperation and generosity. This is likely the most versatile ministry to be involved in. If you can:

  • make phone calls, or
  • cook, or
  • donate a store bought food item, or
  • serve food, or
  • clean tables, or
  • wash dishes

you can become involved in this ministry.

If you work and need to bring in your donated food early,arrangements can be made to have your items dropped off or picked up. There are many people involved in this ministry, and as always, many hands make light work. It does take a lot of people to cook and serve a meal for as many as 100 people. If you are willing to lend a hand at funeral luncheons, men and women, please get in touch with us by calling the parish office at (231) 264-8087.