Ministry Schedules

Ministry Schedules will begin to come out on a monthly basis again, and printed copies can now be picked up in the church.

July 2020 Ministry Schedule

Here are the updated protocols for ministers scheduled beginning the weekend of May 30/31, 2020.

Church Minister Guidelines – Pentecost (continues to be the same until further notice).

A couple of slight changes:

  • Ushers, please hand out worship aids before mass.
  • We are more very likely to use the social hall at the 5PM and quite likely to do the same at the 10AM, so the second EMHC will be prepared to go there.
  • If someone wants to receive communion on the tongue, they can do so at the end of the communion line and do not have to wait until after the mass.
  • It is no longer necessary to dismiss people after masses, so ushers can stay near the door(s) to help people dispose of worship aids and pick up bulletins, etc.

Schedule for June 27/28 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
5PM – Saturday, June 27

Church Main Door 1 – Boettcher(s)
Float – B. Baldwin

Church – Fr. Bob
Church 2 or Hall – P. Jackson

Lector – M. Hefty

8AM – Sunday, June 28


Church Main Door 1 – P. Viall

Church – Fr. Bob

Lector – J. Palazzolo

10AM – Sunday, June 28


Church Main Door 1 – L. Burdo
Float – M. Halek

Church – Fr. Bob
Church 2 or Hall – K. Burdo

Lector – S. Boals

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