Surviving an Active Threat Training

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church is offering Department of Homeland Security (DHS) course PER-375: “Surviving an Active Threat: Run.  Hide.  Fight.” on Saturday May 11, 2024,  8:00AM – 5:00PM (lunch included).

It generally takes law enforcement three to five minutes to respond to a report of a violent attack.  During that time, the actions of civilians on the scene will have the greatest impact on the eventual number of casualties.  Ensuring civilians receive proper training and education on what to do when they face an active threat incident is critical to saving lives.

The class is funded through a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant at no charge to the Parish or participants.  Class will be split up into two general sections.  The first section will be academic in the form of a training presentation and discussions.  The second section will get participants on their feet to practice some of the skills they have learned.  There will be uncomfortable conversations and topics covered, including specific case studies and outcomes.

The class instructor is retired Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien, who is a certified trainer through the Louisiana State University (LSU) National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT), a DHS training partner.  Jeff is also a parishioner at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church in Acme, MI.

Please contact Kevin Kalchik, or any member of the First Responder Committee, for more information. For Pre-registration for the class please click on the “Pre-Registration Survey” button below and complete the form.

Peace be with you from the Sacred Heart First Responder Committee:

Kathie Burdo
Mary Halek
Kevin Kalchik
Dan McAlister
Phil Sarasin
Laura Schmidt